‘Council deserves praise for its work on this plan’

Halifax MP Linda Riordan tells us how the Piece Hall narrowly avoided being knocked down and how the new focus on improving it is vital for Calderdale

The plans for the Piece Hall point to a vibrant and dynamic future for this beautiful building, without forgetting or ignoring its past history, rich heritage, and cultural beauty.

It is these characteristics that have helped it become one of the finest buildings in West Yorkshire.

For many years, I have been advocating these changes; pressing for a cultural hub at the heart of Halifax Town Centre.

I applaud the work that has gone into these plans from a range of agencies, including Calderdale Council.

So many people have done so much hard work to bring this vision alive.

For too many years the Piece Hall has been a ghost of its former self; the imposing building showing what Halifax had been, rather than what it could be.

These plans change all that. We should embrace and welcome them.

It is heartening to see that so many members of the public have already commented on them.

It shows what this fine building means to the people of Halifax, Calderdale, and beyond.

I know from speaking to current business owners within the Piece Hall, how delighted they will be that the plans are in place.

Let’s remember this is the first step towards bringing the Piece Hall alive.

We don’t have to dream of what might be anymore; we can strive for what can be.

These exciting plans will be a key part of the regeneration of Halifax.

But let us never forget that, over 30 years ago, this building was within one Council vote of being knocked down.

How the course of history could have changed.

We should remember that today when thinking of knocking other buildings down for short-term gain.

A town centre survives through embracing its history not ignoring it.

This has been done with the Piece Hall and, like thousands of others, I look forward to the work being finished and the Piece Hall becoming what to many it always has been – the jewel in Halifax’s crown.