Council treading carefully over proposed pedestrian crossing in Skircoat Green

Skircoat Green Road
Skircoat Green Road

Proposals to install a new pedestrian crossing in Skircoat Green should go to review, Calderdale councillors have agreed.

Members of Calderdale Council’s Place Scrutiny Board were reviewing a request for a pedestrian crossing at Skircoat Green, following a 500-signature petition submitted to the council last year asking for one.

At a previous meeting council officers had been asked to review two of four proposals, for a zebra crossing or a fully signalled crossing, and returned assessments favouring a zebra crossing across Skircoat Green Road.

But this would involve removing eight parking spaces and this was concerning businesses in Skircoat Green, councillors heard.

Coun Barry Collins (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden) told the board traffic flows had changed again following completion of work on the main A629 – Skircoat Green had been affected while work was going on.

There were a number of issues which needed to be looked at carefully.

“I think we need to do a complete review of that junction because everything has changed with the parking scheme.

“We need to consult businesses, pedestrians, the special school nearby and buses coming from Copley have to swing right across the traffic.

“Since the A629 scheme came in and Dryclough Lane is used there are more people coming naturally through Skircoat Green and coming down Godfrey Road.

“The situation has changed appreciably,” he said.

Coun Colin Hutchinson (Lab, Skircoat) said the area’s shops were part of a thriving local community and whatever the council did they should not jeopardise them in times which were very difficult for the high street.

“I have spoken to 18 of the 19 businesses and the vast majority were were very clear they could not tolerate any loss of spaces,” he said.

A businessman spoke to the board detailing concerns.

Coun Roger Taylor (Con, Northowram and Shelf) said: “I would like what he says to be considered. What makes Skircoat is those businesses and that the public use them.”

Coun Bryan Smith (Lab, Ovenden) reminded colleagues that priorities also came into the discussion with other areas also important and where the situation was more dangerous.

He had been told a crossing for part of his ward was financially not possible.