‘Council will still provide’ in wake of budget cuts

Despite the far reaching nature of the proposed cuts council leader Tim Swift is confident Calderdale Council can still offer a high level of service the whole community

Councillor Swift (Lab, Town) said: “We do our very best to provide good services for local people within the budget we have and this is becoming more and more difficult.

“Despite the reduction in our funding we are proposing £2m to support the increasing number of children needing social care as well as investing in early intervention work to avoid further costs in the future.

“We want to continue being a strong and effective council that does have a strong vision for Calderdale.

“Despite everything we are managing to improve services - I don’t think councils have everhad to make reductions like this.”

Calderdale Council’s Deputy Leader, Coun Janet Battye (Lib Dem, Calder) said: “We are building on the priorities local people gave us in our consultations over the last two years, these are to: improve services for vulnerable people, review charges, focus on early intervention, support those who need it most, reduce costs and become more efficient.

“We would ask people to look at what’s still there.”