Countdown begins for the 2016 elections

Calderdale Council elections 2015
Calderdale Council elections 2015

A total of 86 candidates are in the running for the 17 seats which are up for grabs at the Calderdale Council elections on Thursday, May 5.

Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green Party candidates will be standing in every ward . The UK Independence Party will be represented in nine wards and Yorkshire First will have four .

Labour currently runs Calderdale Council albeit as a minority administration.

The authority is made up of 24 Labour councillors; 21 Conservatives; five Lib Dems and one independent.

With the deadline fast approaching, Calderdale Council is encouraging residents to make sure they are registered to vote.

The deadline to register, if you want to be able to vote and have your say at these elections, is Monday, April 18.

Merran McRae, Calderdale Council’s Chief Executive and local Returning Officer at the elections, said: “With less than one week to go, time is running out to make sure your voice is heard in the elections. Our message is simple – if you’re not registered, you can’t vote. I’d encourage everyone in Calderdale to act now if you’re not already registered to vote and apply online at”

If you don’t have internet access you can apply by calling 01422 393103.


Ann Martin (Labour)

John Nesbitt (Green)

Colin Peel (Conservative)

Jennie Rigg (Liberal Democrats)

Samuel Webb (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Nick Yates (UK Independence Party)


Janet Battye (Liberal Democrats)

Josh Fenton-Glynn (Labour)

James Krishnapillai (Conservative Party)

Jennifer Shepherd (Green)


Pat Allen (Liberal Democrats)

Mick Clarke (UK Independence Party)

Mohammad Naeem (Labour)

George Robinson (Conservative)

Katharine Sweeny (Green)

Greetland and Stainland

Paul Bellenger (Liberal Democrats)

Christopher Blakey (Conservative)

Christopher Clinton (Yorkshire First)

James Hepplestone (Labour)

Mark Mullany (Green)

Paul Rogan (UK Independence Party)

Hipperholme and Lightcliffe

Kashif Ali (Labour)

Graham Hall (Conservative)

Alisdair McGregor (Liberal Democrats)

Susan Wardell (Green)

Illingworth and Mixenden

Tessa Gordziejko (Green)

Lisa Lambert (Labour)

Steven Leigh (Conservative)

Sean Loftus (Independent)

Glenn Mattock (Liberal Democrats)

Angela Thompson (UK Independence Party)

Luddenden Foot

Christopher Baksa (UK Independence Party)

Karl Boggis (Lib Dems)

Owen Gilroy (Conservative)

Pete Pitfield (Green)

Jane Scullion (Labour)

Rod Sutcliffe (Yorkshire First)

Northowram and Shelf

Peter Caffrey (Conservative)

Elaine Hey (Green)

Daniel Manning (Yorkshire First)

Michael Taylor (Lib Dems)

Gary Walsh (Labour)


Mat Bowles (Liberal Democrats)

Anne Collins (Labour)

Katherine Horner (Green)

John Shoesmith (Conservative)


Jeff Featherstone (Conservative)

Charles Gate (Green)

Jenny Lynn (Labour)

John Reynolds (Lib Dems)

Chaudhary Saghir (No affiliation)


Kathy Haigh-Hutchinson (Liberal Democrats)

Peter Judge (Labour)

Elizabeth King (Green)

Lynne Mitchell (Conservative)


Geraldine Carter (Conservative)

Steve Cliberon (Labour)

Freda Davis (Green)

Peter Hunt (Independent)

Rosemary Tatchell (Liberal Democrats)


Dave Draycott (Labour)

Eric Fabrizi (Green)

Stephen Gow (Liberal Democrats)

John Hardy (Conservative)

Darren Stansfield (Yorkshire First)

Geoffrey Thompson (UK Independence Party)

Sowerby Bridge

Karen Levin (Green)

Rob Oddy (Conservative)

Tom Stringfellow (Liberal Democrats)

Roy Thompson (UK Independence Party)

Adam Wilkinson (Labour)


Gilbert Gregory (Conservative)

Chris Jackson (National Front)

Alan McDonald (Green)

Joe Rez (Lib Dems)

Steve Sweeney (Labour)

Philip Walters (UK Independence Party)


Phillip Charlton (UK Independence Party)

Ruth Coleman-Taylor (Liberal Democrats)

Mark Edwards (Conservative)

Sarah Moakler (Green)

Megan Swift (Labour)


Surraya Bibi (Labour)

Hena Chowdhury (Green)

Ashley Evans (Liberal Democrats)

Tony Fall (Conservative)