Couple are stranded on hillside

West Yorkshire Fire Service rescue a stranded couple in Cragg Vale.
West Yorkshire Fire Service rescue a stranded couple in Cragg Vale.

WALKERS who got themselves into trouble after taking a wrong turn had to be rescued by fire and mountain rescue crews.

A middle-aged couple from Manchester were walking off Cragg Lane, Cragg Vale, when they turned down some steep banking. They became stranded and could not get back up or make their way down safely and had to hang onto a tree for help to arrive.

Luckily they had a mobile phone to call for help, but having taken a wrong turn the couple could not tell them where they were.

Crews from Halifax and Mytholmroyd went to their rescue as well as a specialist role rescue team from Cleckheaton. They used harnesses to get them back up the hill where they were met by Calder Valley Search and Rescue.

Station Manager for Halifax, firefighter John Webster said: “Know your own capabilities and having a look before you start going down. It was steeper than the couple thought and once they got stranded it was too steep to go back or back down.

“If they hadn’t had their mobile phone and the weather was worse it could have been a different story.”

Wayne Ogden from Calder Valley Search and Rescue said: “It was a good job well done by the local fire crews.”

Rescuers guided the shaken couple back to their car after the incident.