Couple celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

Golden wedding couple Audrey and Jeffrey Doughty.
Golden wedding couple Audrey and Jeffrey Doughty.
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A couple from Halifax are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary by going back to where it all started for a weekend in Blackpool.

Audrey and Jeffrey Doughty spent a week in Blackpool for their honeymoon and are returning there for the weekend to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

They were married at St Mary’s Church in Elland in 1963 and had seven bridesmaids at the service.

They have three children, Carolyn, Aaron and Steven and three grand-children, Callum, Aaron and Sophie.

Audrey worked at Marshall Old Mills, Calderdale Royal Infirmary and Nestle’s, while Jeffrey worked at Casson’s Mill.

Audrey said: “We first met when we were walking out of work.

“We were walking up the street where we both lived, I lived at number 43 and he was at number 34, and he kept turning to look at me.

“He eventually sent his sister across to talk to me. Then he became friends with my brother.

“I didn’t fancy him at first - it took quite a long time but he asked me out to the pictures and that was it.

“We’ve had our ups and downs and it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster sometimes but we’ve got through it.”