Couple’s 70 years of marriage

Ernest and Marjorie Hellowell
Ernest and Marjorie Hellowell

AFTER 70 years wed Ernest and Marjorie Hellowell are as close as ever.

They do everything together and still live independently at Lower Bentley Road, Sowerby.

Ernest, aged 91, still drives and the couple often pop out to the shops.

They also admit to having cross words at times but say living by bible principles has been the secret of a long and happy marriage.

Ernest is Sowerby Bridge born and Marjorie, 89, was born in Leeds and moved to Sowerby Bridge as a child.

They met at the Essoldo dance hall in the town and married on May 25, 1942.

Ernest was a Guardsman in the Coldstream Guards and saw service in Dunkirk, Tunisia and Italy.

The couple’s son, Michael, was conceived while he was on leave and Ernest saw him for the first time after being demobbed by which time Michael was three-and-a-half-years.

Ernest said he counts his blessings that he escaped his war service uninjured and for his long and healthy life.

After the war he joined the Halifax Borough Police but only stayed for two years due to the low pay - £4 weekly.

He then became a bus driver with a substantial wage rise and then a long-distance lorry driver with Crossley’s carpet firm, Halifax.

His last job was in the factory of Riding Hall Carpets, Halifax.

During the 1960s he often played guitar accompanying the well-known Halifax singer Leo Edwards.

Marjorie worked at the Mackintosh’s toffee factory in Halifax for several months before joining the Women’s Royal Air Force and was stationed around the country.

She left when she fell pregnant and the couple later had a daughter, Susan.

The family has since grown and the couple have five grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren.

Majorie, during her 40s, worked at the North Eastern Gas Board shop at Sowerby Bridge.

The couple are both members of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Sowerby Bridge.

A meal out with 30 members of the congregation is planned and a family celebration has already been held to mark their platinum anniversary.

“We have fallen out but living by bible principles has got us through,” said Ernest.

Marjorie said doing everything together had also kept them close through the decades.