Crack the code and win the car

A lucky lock picker could walk away with a brand new car.

The Community Foundation for Calderdale is offering the chance to win a Alfa Romeo Giulietta, worth £20,000.

The car will be outside the Lloyds Banking Group offices on Trinity Road on Friday 16 September from 10am until noon.

It will then be moved to the Woolshops and will be parked outside Thorntons for the rest of the afternoon.

To win the motor, just crack the six digit code.

The Community Foundation are selling tickets to have a go at the lock for £10.

They hope to raise £10,000 from ticket sales with a further £2,000 on top of that in gift aid.

The following night the Community Foundation is hosting what it describes at Yorkshire’s finest charity event, the Imaginarium.

A spectacular ball will be held in Halifax on Saturday 17 September to celebrate the Community Foundation for Calderdale’s 20th anniversary.

Mark Fleetwood from the Community Foundation said: “This fantastic opportunity is all part of Community Foundation for Calderdale’s 20th anniversary celebrations which will culminate with the Imaginarium with over 500 people in attendance at Shaw Lodge Mills, Halifax.”

“Tickets for that are sold out, but you can support the charity by trying to win the car.”