161 vehicles seized and 695 tickets issue - War on Calderdale’s demon drivers continue

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The war on dangerous and irresponsible drivers continues with over 150 vehicles taken off the roads and almost 700 tickets issued to drivers in Calderdale.

Operation Hawmill, launched in September, is aimed at tackling the ‘Fatal Four’ - speeding, drink and drug driving, failing to wear a seatbelt and using a mobile phone - all of which are the main causes of fatal and serious road accidents.

The Operation involves Officers from the Halifax Neighbourhood Policing Team working alongside colleagues from the county’s Safer Roads and Neighbourhoods Team.

To date the results for the Operation are -

161 vehicles seized (for not having insurance in place - drivers reported for the offence)

695 tickets issued (speeding, not wearing seatbelt, mobile phone, red traffic light, defective vehicle)

30 Section 59’s issued (using vehicle in anti-social manner)

49 people reported for summons to court (driving at such speed ticket was not an option)

47 people arrested

Halifax Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Harkin said; “Six months on, Operation Hawmill is still going strong and we’re continuing to proactively target the poor and antisocial use of vehicles across the district.

“One of the main focusses of Hawmill, is highlighting the dangers of the fatal four offences, speeding, drink or drug driving, using a mobile phone and not wearing a seatbelt.

“Unfortunately, we are still seeing people on a weekly basis committing these offences, as well as seizing a large number of vehicles for having no insurance.

“Over the coming weeks, the teams will also be focussing on those who use high powered vehicles in an antisocial manner following concerns raised by the communities of Pellon, Warley and Park Ward.

“Everyone has a stake in road safety, whether a pedestrian, user of public transport, cyclist, horse-rider or motorist. 
“We want the roads across Halifax and Calderdale to be safer for everyone and operation Hawmill will continue to tackle those not following the law.”