20 Halifax youths hit with banning order from McDonalds

McDon 28 10 AB Police activity at McDonalds restaurant, Halifax town centre on Tuesday morning. -tmcdnab1-6-
McDon 28 10 AB Police activity at McDonalds restaurant, Halifax town centre on Tuesday morning. -tmcdnab1-6-

Banning letters have been issued to young people preventing them from going into McDonalds and further orders may stop youths entering Halifax town centre.

Police in Halifax have teamed up with the restaurant to tackle youth nuisance and anti-social behaviour around the restaurant on Old Market.

As part of the week of action, 20 banning letters were sent to young people identified as being involved, banning them from the restaurant for six months.

A further 15 young people were referred to the Anti Social Behaviour Panel and face receiving a Community Behaviour Order which could include banning them from the whole of Halifax town centre.

Town Centre Ward Officer Michelle Cheney said: “We all want the town centre to be a vibrant place for people to come, whether that be locally for shopping or for visitors from further afield.

“We know that people are concerned about young people around the Old Market area congregating and causing a nuisance, which often puts people off from coming in to the area.

“We are taking positive action about this issue, and as we approach the next school holidays I really want parents and carers of young people to think about where their young person is going. Many may have no idea, their son or daughter is causing such distress and concern to people. We want everyone to feel safe when they come in to the town centre, no matter what the time of day.”

Patrols have been increased and McDonalds have closed the upstairs seating area and turned off the free Wifi between certain times during the evening to further deter non-customers from entering the premises. The team at the restaurant also increased their own security, with staff posted at the entrance using the Shop Link radio system, allowing them to work closely with other businesses over those who may be in the area causing issues.

Sergeant Ben Doughty said; “Working in partnership with local businesses is a way for the Halifax Neighbourhood Policing Team to really get to the heart of issues affecting those who work and make their living from the town centre.

“We all want Halifax, and the district of Calderdale, to be a place that people want to come and visit and for the town to be a hub of positive activity. I want people to feel reassured that we will take positive action against those committing anti-social behaviour in the Town Centre, and in conjunction with partners in the district will continue to work to reduce instances occurring.”

Delaire Aldin, Business Manager of the Halifax McDonald’s said; “Here at McDonald’s we treat the comfort and safety of our customers and staff with the highest priority. We support the local police efforts to maintain Halifax as a venue for visitors to enjoy and remain happy to assist in the future.”