950 criminals get off with a caution

Teen Driver Talks on Cell Phone
Teen Driver Talks on Cell Phone

CRIMINALS in Calderdale are escaping with just a caution for offences including violence, sex crimes and criminal damage. Figures obtained by the Courier under the Freedom of Information Act reveal there were 952 warnings given by Calderdale police between April 2009 and March 2011. Of those, 382 were for violence.

Three cautions were handed out for sex offences, 173 for theft and handling stolen goods and 149 for drugs.

An official police caution means the offender has to admit they were responsible.

There were also 229 reprimands handed out, 125 final warnings and 73 conditional cautions.

The figures also show 644 penalty notices were issued. The highest of these was 375 for being drunk and disorderly in public.

Two people were given penalty notices for sending false messages or using a public network to cause annoyance.

Motorists received a whoppng 3,933 tickets in the two-year period.

The highest offence was using a mobile phone while driving, with 673 tickets handed out.

There were 581 tickets handed out for speeding , including 11 for exceeding a 40mph limit on the motorway.

Another 323 drivers were given penalty tickets for causing unnecessary or wilful obstruction.

There were 538 tickets for failing to wear a seat belt.

One motorist was penalised for “using a vehicle from which emission of smoke was visible – along with vapour, grit, sparks and ashes” – and another for not having windscreen wipers

Other penalties were issued for:

Opening vehicle door dangerously, 1

Having a unauthorised warning beacon, 1.

Carrying a child rear-facing restraining device on front seat, airbag not deactivated, 1.

Making a prohibitive U-turn, 1.

Contravening Give Way sign, 2.

Failure to wear protective headgear, 3.

Supervisor of a provisional licence holder using a mobile phone, 4.

Driver not being in a position to have full view, 6.

Misuse of front fog lamps, 6.

Stopping vehicle in a zebra-controlled area, 15.

Glass not as prescribed, 19

Child failing to wear rear seat belt, 38.