Airgun shots finally kill-off poor Millie

Mille - shot by an air rifle
Mille - shot by an air rifle

A loveable family cat was put down after being shot by an airgun on at least two occasions.

Despite battling her injuries the slightly built, grey tabby could not overcome her latest gunshot wounds.

She was the much-loved pet of Judith Beeson, her husband Daniel Harding and children Eleanor Harding, 16, and Isabel Harding, 12, of Norwood Green.

Mrs Beeson said all were upset at what had happened to three-and-a-half years old Millie, described as really pretty and affectionate.

She has been with the family since she was an eight-week-old kitten and her sister, Maisy, is also with them.

Millie was shot with an air rifle last year and her health deteriorated quite slowly.

This year - at significant expense - x-rays showed a pellet had entered through her liver.

“We had to have part of the liver removed and the pellet taken out and she made a fantastic recovery,” said Mrs Beeson.

“She looked like a new cat with more energy and enthusiasm.”

The family thought she may have been shot by accident.

But, more recently, her health deteriorated quite rapidily and Millie became critically ill.

“It did not cross our minds she might have been shot a second time,” said Mrs Beeson.

But, she had, a pellet in her side caused internal problems and another pellet was found in the base of her tail.

“Vets tried to stabilise her with drips and antibiotics but we had to put her down in the end,” said Mrs Beeson.

“I can’t believe three air pellets is an accident. She had a very painful death and she didn’t deserve that.”

The shootings have been reported to the RSPCA and police who are appealing for information and want to know of any other pet shootings.

RSPCA Inspector Emma Brook said: “We suspect the person who did this is from the local area.

“It’s a really upsetting case and not an accident and the poor cat has been through operations.

“She got better after an operation last year but the same thing occurred again and she could not pull through.”

Inspector Brook said she was not aware of further pet shootings but urged people to be vigilant and report such incidents.

Anyone with information can contact the RSPCA on 03001234999.