Alert over sale of deadly Jequirity bracelets containing terrorism toxin


AN alert has been issued after potentially deadly bracelets were found on sale.

The jewellery, which is known to have been sold through 36 retailers across the UK, is made of poisonous red and black Jequirity beans.

They contain abrin, a controlled substance under the Terrorism Act which can kill in doses of just three micrograms if swallowed.

The toxin is chemically similar to the chemical warfare agent ricin.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards officers are appealing for any businesses selling them, or anyone who comes across them being sold, to contact them through Consumer Direct 0845 404 0506.

It follows a country-wide safety warning from the Public Health Agency (PHA) earlier this month.

Anyone who has one should bag it and then wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes. It can then be safely disposed of in normal household waste.