ASBO teen told magistrate he “doesn’t like working”

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A TEENAGER told a court he couldn’t be bothered to do unpaid community work after breaching his ASBO.

Jordan Canning, 18, had been banned from entering Halifax bus station – but followed his girlfriend in there after an argument.

He was due to be sentenced by Calderdale magistrates but his solicitor told the court that imposing unpaid work on him would be pointless.

“He would not be motivated to attend unpaid work,” said Joanne Lata, defending.

“So to avoid him returning for a breach of that, it would be better to look at other options.”

Magistrate Linda Rogan asked Canning: “How many jobs have you had?”

Canning: “None. I don’t like working.”

Mrs Rogan: “Do your parents not mind you staying in bed all day?”

Canning: “No, not really.”

Mrs Rogan: “A good day’s work would do you good, young man. Get you out of bed in the morning.”

The court heard that on January 7, Canning, of Ashville Gardens, Pellon, was spotted entering the bus station.

An ASBO handed out to him in March 2011 prohibited him from being there.

Security staff watched on CCTV as Canning walked around the concourse and began trying to “rip up a bin”.

Ms Lata told the court that Canning had had an argument with this girlfriend and she went into the station deliberately knowing he wasn’t allowed to follow her. He ignored the court order and went after her but she continued to ignore him.

Eventually he lost his temper and took it out on the bin.

Mrs Rogan said: “I don’t think a curfew is really an option. You have come in and you have a willful refusal to comply with court orders.

“We were quite outraged by your cavalier attitude to the court.”

Canning smirked as magistrates ordered an “all-options” pre-sentence report be prepared.

“You are not a child. I suggest you have a bit of a change of attitude,” said Mrs Rogan

Canning will appear before Calderdale magistrates again for sentencing on February 14.