Bid to prevent number plate thefts in Brighouse and Hipperholme

Scores of vehicles have been fitted with devices to combat number plate thieves

Officers from Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team fit 44 sets at Old Brods Rugby Club, Hipperholme, on Saturday and handed out a further 100 packs.

On Sunday, 70 sets were fitted to vehicles in Sainsbury’s car park in Brighouse and a further 80 packs were handed out.

Sergeant Dean Maddocks, from the team, said: “This initiative is aimed at reducing crime and the victims of crime.

“By securing the number plate we can deter thefts and protect our registration numbers being used in suspected criminal offences.

“The fixings are designed to make it more difficult for thieves to remove the number plate from the vehicle. It doesn’t take long to fix the security screws, however they are very effective.

“The fixings were purchased from money recovered from criminals and this is a good way of putting it back into the community.

“We have had a very good response so far and intend to hold more crime prevention events over the next few months.”