Bogus compo claims are nipped in the bud

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TAKING a tough stance against bogus insurance claims has saved Calderdale council taxpayers thousands of pounds in compensation.

Now some of that money can be pumped back into investment schemes.

Councillors have been asked to sanction a £500,000 transfer from the Insurance Fund and another £1.5 million from possible future liabilities.

There was an increase in the number of “special peril” insurance claims which Calderdale Council had to a fund last winter, due to burst water pipes in schools, according to head of finance Pete Smith.

It has also had to cope with the increasing cost of claims made by individuals wanting compensation for trips and falls, submitted through Accident Management Companies.

“But we have again been successful in defending litigated claims by adopting strong risk management processes.”

One woman who said she had tripped on a defective pavement, was found to be linked to a family who had made more than 60 claims for accidents and her case against the council was dropped just three days before it went to court.

Another woman who waited eight days before going to hospital after a pavement trip had her case thrown out by a judge after she failed to accurately identify the location and claimed there was ice when temperatures never fell below freezing.

“The council is in a strong position to provide robust evidence to defend cases of this kind,” said Mr Smith, in a report to the cabinet.

“Our record helps to deter frivolous claims.”