Brothers in dock over supermarket anarchy

Calderdale Magistrates Court.
Calderdale Magistrates Court.

Two drunken brothers who went on a rampage in a Halifax supermarket appeared in the dock at Calderdale Magistrates’ Court.

Ryan Baldwin, 21, was joined with his older brother, Todd Baldwin, 23, both of Grove Street South, Halifax, for the theft of a bottle of Southern Comfort and hot chicken before hurling a tirade of racially aggravated abuse at an Asda security guard and urinating in store.

Both pleaded guilty to the theft of items valued £14.50 stolen from the Thurm Hall Lane, Pellon, store on August 20.

Prosecuting Andy Wills told the court the two entered the store at around 5pm and headed straight for the alcohol aisle, picked up the bottle, walked around the store and then placed the Southern Comfort in a promotional basket before heading for some hot chicken.

The brothers took a litre bottle of orange and drank it in store as they ate the chicken. They then returned to the promotional basket where they had stashed the booze which they poured into the empty carton.

The thieves proceeded to the self-service check-out tills where they scanned in the orange carton, containing Southern Comfort, along with several other items.

A security guard, who had been watching the pair as they moved around store on CCTV after being reportedly “blatant, obvious and suspicous” in their actions, detained the thiefs and called for police.

Younger brother Ryan then directed a tirade of offensive and racially aggravated abuse at the security officer, Mr Wills told the court.

As they were detained, an aggresive Ryan urinated in the store holding room.

Mitigation Maggie Kavanagh told the court it was appropriate to deal with the brothers separately in sentencing.

“The were obviously in drink when this happened and although this is no excuse, it gives an explanation of how they got into this disreputable behaviour,” she said.

She told the court, Ryan, who works as a self-employed hairdresser, was in a “regrettable position” as he was already subject to two court orders. Ryan and Todd, who does not work, were both “bitterly ashamed of their actions,” Ms Kavanagh told the court.

Ryan, who was living with Todd as part of a previous court order was jailed for six weeks and Todd was ordered to carry out 100 hours community service, pay £85 costs, £60 victim surcharge and £7.25 compensation.