Brothers locked up after shop raid with a hammer

Two masked brothers who stormed a corner shop and threatened a staff member with a hammer have been locked up.

Kamran Khaliq, 19, and Imran Khaliq, 17, both of Rosedale View, Sowerby Bridge, tried to rob JR News on Gibbet Street in June.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Kamran, who had financial difficulties, had convinced his younger brother to help him steal money for the shop.

Matthew Harding, prosecuting, told the court how the brothers had been working for their father in a garden during the day of the offence.

As they left the garden the picked up a hammer, a garden gate hinge and a pair of gloves before making their way to Gibbet Street at around 7.30pm.

Then, wearing masks, they entered the store, with Kamran approaching the counter and demanding that the female worker hand over the contents of the till. He waved the hammer at her screamed at her to give him the money three times, while Imran kept watch at the door holding the gate hinge.

The duo fled when she activated the panic alarm.

Both pleaded guilty to attempted robbery after seeing CCTV evidence during police interview.

Shoheil Khan, for Kamran, said that the brother’s appearance in court was a “tragedy” for the family.

“He is genuinely remorseful for his despicable actions and he wishes to be punished,” said Mr Khan.

“It’s a surprise that someone from this family is before the court. His behaviour was inexcusable.

“It was a spur of the moment decision to commit the attack with no prior planning.”

Chudi Grant, for Imran, said the 17-year-old was not the brains behind the scheme and had acted out of “misguided loyalty” for his brother.

“He respects his brother and has great affection and loyalty to him, but he was misguided,” he said. “He did what his brother asked of him and there was no benefit to himself.”

But Recorder Christopher Storey QC said it was not a spur of the moment robbery and praised the shop worker who raised the alarm.

“But for the exemplary bravery of her there is little doubt you would have succeeded,” he said.

“Wearing a mask shows this was pre planned and the public have to know this kind of offence will result in custodial sentence.”

Kamran Khaliq will serve three years in a young offenders institute while Imran Khaliq will be the subject of a detention and training order for 18 months.