Brutally attacked pensioner dies two-years after beating

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An inquest into the death of a pensioner who was brutally attacked and left for dead outside his home, was opened at Bradford Magistrates’ Court.

Father-of-three Keith Alder, 68, of Ashbourne Crescent, Queensbury, was the victim of an unprovoked gang attack. After leaving his local social club at around 11:15pm on October 11 2011, Mr Alder was chased by five men who then set upon him outside his former Sowden Street, Bradford home.

Mr Alder suffered serious injuries to the head and abdomen as he was kicked and struck unconscious with baseball bats.

The inquest heard how the husband and retired roofer, who spent months in hospital, suffered head injuries, stroke, kidney damage, pneumonia and gangrene. In the aftermath of the attack, Mr Alder had a leg amputated and had to have emergency surgery to remove the majority of his bowel.

On August 3, this year, Mr Alder suffered a stroke. Four days later, Mr Alder died in Bradford Royal Infirmary.

The inquest was adjourned by assistant coroner Dominic Bell in order for the Attorney General to decide whether the second stroke suffered by Mr Alder in 2013 can be directly linked to the 2011 attack. The outcome of the Attorney General decision will determine whether the two convicted criminals will instead be charged with murder.