Burglar stole guitars while victim slept

A Slovakian father-to-be who committed a night-time burglary at a house in Pellon, Halifax has been jailed for a year.

Jan Rybar, 31, broke into the property on Eton Street in June while the householder was asleep in bed.

The complainant, who suffered mental health difficulties, did not know he had been burgled until the police woke him.

Rybar, of nearby Rippon Street, had forced a window frame to get into the house and stole two guitars from the living room.

Bradford Crown Court heard that noise from Rybar’s activities alerted a neighbour, who contacted police.

Rybar was eventually arrested in the garden of the burgled house. The stolen guitars were recovered.

Rybar, who was assisted in court by an interpreter, pleaded guilty to the burglary charge.

The judge noted that the burglary was Rybar’s third conviction since his arrival in England about a year ago. The court heard that Rybar had previously been given community sentences for offences of theft, but Judge Bartfield said the burglary was too serious for any further community order.