Burglar was caught red-handed in home

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A burglar caught red-handed in a Halifax home has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Jan Ferenc, 38, was found in possession of stolen jewellery and other property when police answered a call-out to an on-going break-in at a house in Spring Hall Lane last December.

Bradford Crown Court heard that shortly before his arrest Ferenc had carried out a sneak-in type burglary at the flat of a couple while they were sleeping during the day.

Prosecutor Simon Haring said Ferenc had visited the flat in the past and knew that the back door was insecure.

The court heard Ferenc had broken into the unoccupied property in Spring Hall Lane, but the police were alerted by a neighbour.

Ferenc, of Violet Street, Halifax, claimed that the bruglaries were committed after he had taken amphetamine for the first time. He admitted the two burglary offences and possessing amphetamine. Judge Colin Burn sentenced him to nine months in prison suspended for two years. Ferenc will also have to do 300 hours unpaid community work over the next 12 months.