Burglars take stolen goods to pawn shop

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Burglars tried to sell stolen goods at a Halifax pawn shop just one hour after breaking and entering a property, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Scott Taylor, 25, of Brussels Court, Union Street South, Halifax, and Dale Mallas, 24, of Kings Court, Akeds Road, Halifax, along with two accomplices, broke into a property in the block where Taylor lives and stole a television, dvds and two collectable figurines.

Prosecution Steven Robertson told the Crown Court that the following day, September 6, 2012, Mallas took one of the figurines to Cash Convertors, Halifax, and exchanged the stolen item for £25 cash. The following day he took the second figurine in exchange for the same amount.

Taylor was arrested by police on suspicion of breaking and entering on September 19. He denied any involvement and was released on bail.

On November 13 at 10.20am, Mallas entered a property on Well Head Lane, Halifax, through the kitchen window and stole valuables including watches, rings, a jewellery box, an iPad and a laptop valued over £3000. Whilst trespassing in the dwelling, Mallas dropped his wallet on the kitchen work-top which was later discovered by the resident.

Mitigating for Mallas, Ann-Marie Hutton told the court: “The offences were committed when the defendant was homeless; it was out of desperation that he climbed through the window.”

An hour after the burglary, at 11.20am both Mallas and Taylor made a trip to Cash Convertors and attempted to sell the stolen laptop.

Police later searched Mallas’ property and recovered a laptop, two designer watches and a jewellery box. Mallas was arrested on December 8 and in a police interview he denied his involvement. Taylor also denied the burglary allegations. Both admitted making the trip to Cash Convertors.

A warrant for arrest was issued after Mallas failed to attend the first court hearing on December 28. Both defendants were later detained in custody.

Abbey Langford, mitigating for Taylor, told the court: “The defendant was immature and gullible. At the time of the offences he was out of work and susequently became involved with the wrong crowd.”

Mallas and Taylor were both given a 12 month community order. Mallas was ordered to undergo a 15 day, low-activity, involvement order. Taylor was ordered to complete a 30 day medium activity course.

Judge Robert Bartfield told the defendants: “If custody has not woken you up to the reality of the life of a burglar then I don’t know what will.”