Bus driver’s ‘knife in the heart’ threat

Halifax family abused by a bus driver recently'Adam Nazir, Maryam Zaheer, Mohammed Rayhan and Zarrah Zaheer
Halifax family abused by a bus driver recently'Adam Nazir, Maryam Zaheer, Mohammed Rayhan and Zarrah Zaheer

A BUS driver threatened to stab a father in the heart in front of his three children.

Adam Nazir, 37, had pulled over briefly on double yellow lines to try to stop his children squabbling.

Suddenly the bus driver wrenched open his door, shouting and making threats.

The furious driver left his passengers on the bus while he threatened Mr Nazir, leaving children Maryam, 11, Zarrah, eight, and Rayhan, four, “shaking.”.

Mr Nazir, of Manor Drive, Halifax, said: “I picked the kids up from Holy Trinity School and they wanted McDonald’s.

“Two of them are like cat and mouse and are always arguing.

“I pulled up for a minute in Crown Street, on double yellow lines admittedly, to tell them to calm down.

“As I am talking to them suddenly the door opens and a this bus driver says: ‘Are you blind?’

“I tried to apologise and say the kids were playing havoc.

“He said ‘If you don’t shut up I will stab you in the heart’.

“You would think people would just stop when they saw kids but he started prodding me in the chest.

“I thought it must have been You’ve Been Framed or something.

“The kids were shaking afterwards.”

The bus driver eventually left and Mr Nazir rang the police who said they couldn’t attend as it wasn’t serious but would be in touch later.

He says they never came back to him so he wrote to them and to Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker.

Eventually action was taken and an officer went to Mr Nazir’s house to resolve the situation.

Chief Inspector Viv Cutbill, of Calderdale Police, said: “As a police force we set ourselves a very high level of service standards.

“We are investigating exactly what has happened in this instance but it seems Mr Nazir has not been told what action was being taken with his complaint.

“I fully understand the importance of this to people who call us for advice but sometimes officers do get involved with other work.

“Updates are generally given after a week, but Mr Nazir should have been contacted on the same day in this case.”

Mr Nazir said: “You don’t need to take the law into your own hands. I want to set an example to my kids and I’m glad I did the right thing.

“The system does work – the police may have got it wrong but they have apologised and have done the right thing now.”

Mr Nazir decided not to press charges against the driver, who Centrebus confirm is still in his job.

“He might just having been having a bad day,” said Mr Nazir.

Centrebus regional operations manager David Brookes said: “We would like to apologise to Mr Nazir and his family. It was completely out of character for this driver.

“We have taken him through the internal disciplinary procedures and he has written a personal letter of apology to the family.

“We hope that brings some closure.”