Calderdale man sold unsafe toys including fart bombs and exploding pens on the high street

A Calderdale man selling unsafe toys and novelties, including fart bombs, magic whistles and squirty ketchup, on Lincoln High Street last Christmas, has been prosecuted by Lincolnshire Trading Standards.

Dale Thomas (52) of Wellfield Terrace, Todmorden, pleaded guilty to five charges* relating to toy safety regulations at Lincoln Magistrates Court and was fined and order to pay £2,531.89.

One of the magic whistles being sold by the Calderdale man

One of the magic whistles being sold by the Calderdale man

As part of routine inspections to make sure traders are selling genuine and safe products, Trading Standards officers inspected products from Thomas when he was trading on Lincoln High Street during the Lincoln Christmas Market.

Products included: a Funky Bird Whistle, Magic Whistle, Fart Bomb, Finger Hands, Cloemans Mustard, Squirt Ketchup, An exploding pen, a Single fried egg and Doctor Crap-a-lot’s teabag.

Products were found to have small parts, no CE markings, no safety warnings, no traceability or incorrect safety warnings. The exploding pen had also been adapted but didn’t include updated manufacturer labelling.

Emma Milligan, Trading Standards Operational Delivery Manager, said: “It’s so important that traders know and understand product safety regulations, as the consequences of selling these items to children could be devastating.

"For example, a young child could have choked on the small parts of the toys. There were also no CE marks on a number of products, which indicates they have not undergone important toy safety testing.

"We continue to be vigilant, but in the run up to Christmas, we’d ask residents to contact us via Citizens Advice on 0345 404 0506 if they see anyone selling goods they believe to be unsafe.”