Calderdale officer pts his life at risk to catch offender

Calderdale Police Divisional Awards Evening at The Shay, Halifax. PC Ian O'Grady and PC Richard Hall.
Calderdale Police Divisional Awards Evening at The Shay, Halifax. PC Ian O'Grady and PC Richard Hall.

PC Ian O’Grady ran across lanes of traffic, putting himself in danger, to arrest a well-known wanted offender.

PC O’Grady, from Halifax Response Team, pursued the suspect on foot through the streets of Todmorden after he saw him jump out of a stolen vehicle.

The suspect was wanted for burglary at the time of his arrest and linking him to the vehicle he was driving assisted the Crown Prosecution Service.

“It was just a case of focusing on what the job was in hand. The person who was driving the stolen car was a well-known offender and jumped out of the car where it was moving, what else is he willing to do?” said PC O’Grady.

He was also commended for a seperate incident along with colleague PC Richard Hall.

The officers were called to reports of a 17-year-old man trying to hang himself in Halifax. They lifted the man and helped to keep his airway clear. Their actions saved the man’s life. Meanwhile PC Lisa McDonald received a commendation for dealing with a case of assault and child neglect and a second commendation for a separate incident where a man was reported acting suspiciously around an address in Ripponden.

The man used a hammer to smash his way through the patio doors and when PC McDonald challenged him, the man attacked her but she was able to use CS gas and he was arrested.

PC Philippa Wheeler, PC Dominic Hibbin and PC Tom Levitt from Halifax Response Team were praised for rescuing a mother and her baby after her partner threatened to kill them with a knife in Ovenden. The officers managed to calm him down and arrest him without anyone getting hurt.

The same three officers also attended an incident where a man had stabbed his friend in Pellon. The man was arrested and all the evidence gathered.

On her way home from work, Rebecca Mitchell, who works in the control room, saw a couple having a domestic dispute in Bailiff Bridge back in December 2011.

Rebecca was concerned about the woman involved and quickly intervened. She was commended for her bravery and strong sense of public duty for the woman.

Judges commendations went to Detective Constable Andrew Slater for his work with West Yorkshire Police’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team (HMET) investigating a rape case which was made especially difficult because some of the offenders had left the country.

Detective Constable Angela Barr was commended for her careful preparation and outstanding work in a fraud case heard at Leeds Crown Court last month, while Sergeant Damon Walker and Helen Piper, both working with HMET at the time, were praised for their excellent and professional work on a case which saw four men go on trial for murder, manslaughter, conspiracy to robbery and robbery.

Detective Constable Richard Drabble was commended for dealing with a case of fraud and grevious bodily harm single-handedly and unsupported.

Detective Constable Phil Halliwell was praised for his work investigating the supply of class A, B and C drugs.