Carer stole over £1,000 to buy sweets and cigarettes

The Halifax coat of arms at Calderdale Magistrates Court.
The Halifax coat of arms at Calderdale Magistrates Court.

A man who stole over £1,000 from a wheelchair bound 74-year-old he was employed as a carer has appeared before a court.

Calderdale Magistrates heard how Darren Conner, 22, took disabled Robert Blomfield’s debit card from his jacket pocket before using it to buy himself sweets, cigarettes and magazines - as well as withdrawing £350 in cash from shops in Hebden Bridge.

Conner, of Crawford Street in Todmorden, was a carer at an agency for 18 months before being employed by the Mr Blomfield’s son as a full time carer.

He was left £50 in cash to use to buy daily essentials like milk and bread for Mr Blomfield, but found out the PIN to his debit card when he heard family members, who took Mr Blomfield out for a big shop once a week, discussing it.

Between February and May of this year, Conner stole £1,082 by using the card.

Mr Blomfield’s son became aware of the offence after opening the victim’s bank statement.

He then changed the PIN, and when the card stopped working, Conner took the unusual step of taking Mr Blomfield to the Spar store in Hebden Bridge and asking him to enter the PIN while he watched.

When asked about the spending, by Mr Blomfield’s son, Conner denied being responsible and even suggested that the card may have been cloned.

But he later admitted what he had done to police, telling them he knew where the card was kept and what the pin was.

Eleese Hatton, defending, told Magistrates that the offending was entirely out of character and that he was deeply remorseful and sorry for his “stupid” actions.

Conner pleaded guilty to a charge of theft and will be sentence by a judge at Bradford Crown Court in January.