Casa owner fined £17,530 after failing to remove marquee

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The owner of the Casa in Brighouse has been fined £17,530 after being found guilty of breaching an enforcement notice ordering him to remove a marquee next to the hotel.

Calderdale Magistrates Court heard that Jack McDaid had been given planning permission to build a new conference centre on the grounds, but failed to take down a marquee which was used to hold weddings and other functions.

As part of the planning approval, Mr McDaid was ordered to remove the marquee, but he argued the original reasons for the enforcement notice being handed down were no longer valid.

Mr McDaid had earlier told police during questioning that the marquee held around 28 weddings and functions every year and each event generated between £6,000 and £8,000 on average.

Under questioning in court from prosecuting solicitor John Moss, Mr McDaid accepted he had not complied with the enforcement notice.

But he rejected Mr Moss’ claim that he was funding the conference centre on the proceeds of a criminal enterprise.

Chair of the magistrates Sam Shaibil said: “Our finding is that the company could have done much more to comply with the enforcement notice but has chosen not to for financial reasons.”

Mr McDaid, of Yarborough Croft, Northowram, and his comnpany Castelite Limited were both found guilty of failing to comply with the enforcement notice.