Caught on camera - Do you know these people?

Can you put names to these faces? These CCTV images have been released by Calderdale Police of people they want to speak to.

They relate to a series of alleged offences which have happened in Calderdale.

FA895 is alleged to have made off without paying on February 1.

The following are sought in connection to shop thefts: FA896 on January 11; FA893 and FA894 on January 17; FA892 on February 5 and FA891 on January 10.

FA888 is wanted for an alleged assault which is said to have happened on February 2.

FAS889 is sought for shop theft on January 3.

FA886, FA887, FA885 are also wanted for shop theft on on January 28.

Finally, FA884 is being sought for criminal damage on February 2.