Caught on camera: thug urinated on chippy

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A thug who tried to urinate through the letterbox of a chip shop has been caught on camera.

A local business owner is furious after his CCTV camera was ripped off the wall and footage showed a man in a hoodie urinating on his back doorstep.

This is the fourth time Mytholmroyd Chippy has been vandalised, and the father-of-two says he is fed up of being targeted.

“I’ve really had enough of it. I live in Blackburn and every night when I go home I’m just waiting for a call to say the shop has been attacked again,” said Terry Iftal, 31. The footage shows the vandal and another man making obscene genstures through the chippy’s front window for the benefit of the cameras, before unzipping his fly.

Mr Iftal said: “It’s really upsetting.

“I want the police to do something about these crimes.

“I have kids now and it makes me worry for their safety.”

Just one week earlier, the chippy’s window was also smashed and police say they are currently investigating both incidents.

Mr Iftal has three cameras installed, but the criminals seemed to play up for the video rather than being deterred.