Cheque con man and charity shop thief jailed

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A man who tried to con victims with bogus cheques and who stole from a charity shop has been jailed.

Lynton Ward, 44, formerly of Perseverance Street, Sowerby Bridge, pleaded guilty to two counts of false representation, two counts of theft and a bail offence.

Prosecution James Weekes told Magistrates’ how Ward fooled one victim into exchanging two counterfeit cheques to make a gain of £80. The court heard how the defendant and a man approached the victim’s sister and asked if she would exhange the cheque for money as the defendant said he would not be able to draw the money from his bank if he paid a cheque into it as he was overdrawn. When the man went to cash the cheque, two days later, he was informed that the cheques had bounced.

On the second occassion, Ward and an accomplice approached a man in a pub and asked him to accept and cash two cheques each written for £100 for £50. The man accepted but was unable to cash them. Mr Weekes told the court that the cheque book in question had been intercepted from a victim’s post.

The court heard how Ward was restricted by members of the public as he was caught stealing a pair of jeans valued £4.80 from charity British Heart Foundation, Russell Street Arcade. A charity shop worker suspected he was stealing so searched the defendant’s rucksack and held him at the shop until police arrived.

Prior to the theft from the charity shop, Ward was caught stealing Cadbury’s chocolate from Lidl, Sowerby Bridge, valued £28 but managed to escape before police arrived.

Mitigation Mark Newell told the court that Ward struggles with a heroin and cocaine addiction but has intention to turn his life around.

Ward was sentenced to prison for a total of 26 weeks.