Cocaine snorter at Halifax Town Hall

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COCAINE is being snorted at public buildings across Halifax – including the town hall.

Spot checks by the Courier found traces of the deadly drug in the men’s toilets at The Piece Hall, Halifax Borough Market and upstairs at Halifax Town Hall.

We used swabs that detect the substance on toilet lids, cisterns and toilet-roll holders. The pink swabs turn tell-tale blue if cocaine is present.

We also tested the ladies’ toilets at these sites but they were negative.

The downstairs gents at Halifax Town Hall also showed no sign of cocaine use.

More checks were carried out at North Bridge Leisure Centre, Calderdale Royal Hospital and public toilets at Manor Heath, Savile Park and George Square in Halifax town centre. All were negative for cocaine.

Calderdale Council said: “The town hall, the Borough Market and the Piece Hall are public buildings.

“Well over 1,500 people a month attend events and meetings at the town hall, approximately 5.5 million people per year pass through the borough market and around 1.4 million people per year pass through the Piece Hall. The toilets in question are used by some of those people.

“The council will not tolerate the use of drugs on its premises and where people are found to be doing this, the police will be informed.”

The Courier reported in February how cocaine had also been found in the toilets of Halifax Town Hall by a national newspaper carrying out swab tests at several local government buildings.

They found evidence of the Class A drug in the same toilet as the Courier did when we carried out our checks this week.

Anyone with concerns about drugs in their area can call their neighbourhood policing team via 101.

Information can also be passed on anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.