Complaints about West Yorkshire Police chief over Hillsborough cover-up received by Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Sir Norman Bettison
Sir Norman Bettison

Police watchdog the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is to start assessing how it will investigate complaints about West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison over the Hillsborough cover-up.

The IPCC says it has now received a referral from West Yorkshire Police Authority in relation to complaints against the police chief.

It says there are allegations that the Chief Constable, while a serving officer with South Yorkshire Police, was involved in the production and supply of misleading information for the various inquiries that have been undertaken into the Hillsborough disaster.

There are also complaints about a public statement made by the Chief Constable on September 13.

The IPCC says it is conducting a detailed assessment of the referral to determine how the allegations should be investigated.

A spokesman said: “We are keenly aware of the public interest in this matter and the understandable concerns the publication of the panel’s report has created.

“However we must stress that the analysis of the comprehensive documentation disclosed by the panel will take some weeks to complete.”