Conman’s lies to lover about mother’s death

Pretended his mother was dead: Peter Wall
Pretended his mother was dead: Peter Wall

A man who claimed to be an ex-solider living in Hebden Bridge has been sentenced for theft and false representation.

Peter Wall, 29, is currently being investigated by police after falsely claiming that he was raising money for the charity Help for Heroes.

Although investigation into the case are ongoing, Wall was given an 18-month community order by magistrates in Blackburn for a separate offence after admitting he conned his girlfriend out of £1,700 for a trip to Australia by pretending his mother was dead.

Wall claimed that he needed the cash to pay for air fares as his mother had died in the country.

But Blackburn magistrates heard that while down under he posted a message on social networking site Facebook saying he was loving playing rugby on Bondi beach.

Meanwhile his mother was alive and living in Liverpool.

Wal pleaded guilty to theft of a watch, and fraudulently making a false representation to make a gain of a holiday to Australia.

The court heard that during his relationship with Charlottte Chapman he also stole her £4,500 Rolex watch – a 16th birthday present from her father.

And in December last year Wall told Miss Chapman his mother had died in Australia after taking an overdose.

The court heard he made a tearful phone call, allegedly to his sister, telling her not to worry and that he would get there somehow.

But his deceit was discovered after he posted an entry on the internet.

Last Wednesday Wall was handed a 18 month community supervision order and ordered to pay £1,700 compensation to Miss Chapman and £700 to a jeweller in Liverpool.

But now he is being investigated by police for another con.

Police said that following Wall’s first appearance in Hyndburn Magistrates in March, he had failed to attend for sentencing and a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

He was eventually arrested by police in Halifax investigating another alleged charity con.