Crackdown on Calderdale's underage drinkers on GCSE results day

Calderdale police officers will be clamping down on GCSE students using fake IDs as they brace themselves for a spike in underage drinkers trying to get into licenced premises.

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017, 4:12 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:03 pm
Officers in Calderdale will be tackling underage drinking on GCSE results day

Along with partner agencies in Halifax, officers will be clamping down on underage drinkers this week, as there is often a rise in the number of people trying to get into pubs and bars in towns around GCSE results day.

Partners met earlier this week about the issue and agreed their joint approach to tackling the issue.

Town Centre Ward Officer PC Michelle Cheney said; “We know that there will be a lot of young people looking to celebrate their exam results this week, however a large proportion of those getting GCSE examination results won’t be 18.

"They will try and enter licenced premises within the town centre and across Calderdale using identification that has been produced fraudulently, or that belongs to someone else they believe they can pass for when stopped by door staff.

“Anyone stopped with identification that is clearly not there’s will have it confiscated. It will be held for 48 hours, and the user of the identification will be given a receipt so that a parent or guardian can collect it.

"After 48 hours the identification will be sent back to issuing agency, such as the Passport Office or DVLA. Any fake ID’s will be destroyed.

“We recently conducted a number of test purchase operations within the town centre, in which a number of premises failed to identify those under age entering premises and buying alcohol.

"This operation forms part of a wider strategy in supporting those businesses to deliver the best service they can to patrons, helping to protect those who are potentially vulnerable and making Halifax a safe and enjoyable place to be for everyone.”

In accordance with guidance from the Home Office, any fake identification, or identification not belonging to them will be confiscated and returned to the relevant authority, such as the Passport Office or DVLA.

Those who have identification confiscated will be given a receipt so that a parent or guardian may retrieve the property within the 48 hours.

Any identification found to be fake will be disposed of.