Crime updates from your area of Calderdale

Here are the latest crime updates from the Calderdale Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

Monday, 7th August 2017, 11:14 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:19 pm

Elland Ward

Northgate x 2 Dewsbury Road, Westbury Street, Lowfields Road – further reports of wing mirrors damaged on vehicles (part of incident reported last week).

Rastrick Ward

Malham Road HD6 3JZ - attempt made to prise open window on dwelling. Attempt unsuccessful (over a week period).

Laura Street HD6 1JD – vehicle entered by unknown means and property taken. (11.30pm 24th)

Ryburn Ward

Newlands Avenue HX6 1HH – male and female seen jumping on bonnet of 2 vehicles thereby causing damage (8.30pm 25th)

Back Lane HX6 4AN – entry forced to vehicle and search carried out. Disturbed by witness. Leave vehicle and then make off at speed in their own vehicle. (7.45pm 24th)

School Close HX6 4HP – suspects disturbed breaking into vehicle. Door lock was punched out causing damage to casing. Suspects made off in a vehicle. (tea-time)

Haugh End Lane HX6 3PH – quarter-light window smashed on vehicle. Entry gained. Vehicle rolled forward to allow opening of rear doors. Property then taken. (overnight)

St Peters Avenue HX6 1DG - base of netball post taken. (overnight)

Dean Lane HX6 1HE – wheelie bin taken (overnight)

Scammonden Road – motorbike left momentarily. Suspects attempt to take bike but are disturbed by owner and make off, leaving bike in situ.

Sowerby Bridge Ward

Hollins Mill Lane HX6 2QG – door forced to basement area. Entry gained, search made but believed suspects left empty handed. (overnight)

Industrial Street HX6 2RB – house entered via unsecured window. Search made and property taken. (1am)

Pye Nest Drive HX2 7HH – shed entered and scooter taken. (overnight)

Willow Street HX6 2BU – stones thrown at window of nursery causing pane of glass to crack (suspect named)

Upper Bolton Brow HX6 2SF – window smashed on dwelling. (11pm)

Bairstow Lane HX6 2SY– quarterlight window smashed on vehicle and body panel above door handle scratched (overnight)

Akroyd Terrace HX2 7DS – offside front window smashed on vehicle. Entry gained and search made and property taken from one vehicle. (overnight) – two vehicles attacked

Cliff Crescent HX2 7DF – chain securing ON ONE mountain bike is cut and bike taken.

Wharf Street HX6 2AE – NORCO mountain bike taken.

Greetland and Stainland Ward

Victoria Street – window smashed on shop (overnight)

Hoults Lane HX4 8HW – locked forced on vehicle. Entry gained and property taken. (overnight).

Calder Ward

Stephen Street HX7 8BN – body panels scratched on vehicle (day time)

Hebble End HX7 6HH – paint sprayed onto driver door of vehicle (overnight)

Merrybents Street OL14 6AF – body panel scratched on vehicle (overnight)

Woodland View HX7 6PJ – damage caused to sliding mechanism on window of pleasure boat (overnight)

Railway View HX7 6HX – male walking past vehicle is seen to kick same causing dent to the boot area. (10.45pm 25th)

Luddendenfoot Ward

Luddenden Lane HX2 6NW – vehicle keys removed from worktop, possibly by person using hook or similar to reach through letter box. Vehicle then taken using the keys (overnight)

Burnley Road HX2 6HL – property taken from garage which was left unlocked (over a 3 day period)

High Street HX2 6PP – mechanism on garage door tampered with, entry gained and property taken (overnight)

Banksfield Avenue HX7 5NB – bolt cut securing shed but no entry gained. (overnight)

Red Acre Lane HX7 5DQ – windows smashed in disused church (over a week)

Church Street HX7 5DS – damage caused to bowling green (evening time)

Booth House Road HX2 6HH – conifers uprooted from garden (daytime)

Grosvenor Place HX2 6NL – property taken from vehicle possibly left unlocked (overnight)

Hillside Avenue HX2 6PA – property taken from vehicle possibly left unlocked (overnight)

Burnley Road HX2 6DH - folding bike taken from garden (overnight)

Scout Road HX7 8PA – large water misting device taken (overnight)

Holme End Road HX7 8PA – garden furniture and compressor taken from garden (8.15am 25th)

Rose Grove Lane HX6 2RJ – Suzuki motorcycle taken from garden (overnight).


White Hart Fold OL14 7BD – window forced and entry gained. Fruit machines forced and cash contents taken. (early morning)

Burnley Road OL14 8JU – euro profile lock forced on door and entry gained to house. House alarm activated and suspects made off unknown. (day time)

Oak Avenye OL14 5PD – euro profile lock forced on door and entry gained to house. Search made and property takenb.

Burnley Road OL14 7BX – windows smash in college. (18th and 19th)

Adelade Street OL14 5HT – window smashed on dwelling