Dangerous driver jailed after police chase through Halifax


A man whose damaged car was involved in a police pursuit around roads in Halifax has been jailed after a judge watched in-car footage of his dangerous driving.

The four-minute recording from inside the police vehicle showed Darrell Bolton’s Seat Ibiza speeding along roads in the early hours of the morning with its rear bumper hanging off.

The footage also captured the 29-year-old father-of-one doing a handbrake turn before going the wrong way round a roundabout on the A58 in the centre of Halifax.

At one stage during the pursuit last October Bolton stopped his car, which also had a damaged windscreen, but when the officers pulled up behind he reversed and rammed their vehicle before driving off again.

The recording showed the rear bumper, which was described by the judge as “flapping about”, eventually falling off before Bolton drove back to the roundabout and again went round it the wrong way causing other drivers to take evasive action.

Mr Ritchie said on the second occasion the officers decided it was too dangerous to follow Bolton and they lost sight of him, but he was arrested about 20 minutes later still behind the wheel of the Seat.

Bolton, of Swallow Crescent, Wortley, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and Bradford Crown Court heard today (Thursday) that at the time of the offence he was already subject to a suspended prison sentence of eight months for growing cannabis.

Judge David Hatton QC described Bolton’s driving as dreadful and said he had caused potential danger to other road users and the officers.

The judge said at times Bolton had driven against the flow of traffic in a car that was falling apart and his case was aggravated by the fact that he had deliberately rammed the police vehicle.

Bolton was jailed for seven months for the dangerous driving and Judge Hatton also added an extra seven months for his breach of the suspended sentence.

He was also banned from driving for a year and ordered to take an extended driving test.

Lawyer Stephen Welford said his client had attended a party in Halifax, but he ended up being attacked and as he tied to get away his vehicle was rammed which caused the damage to the bumper.

Mr Welford said the car’s windscreen was also smashed and Bolton himself was hit with an iron bar.

He said Bolton was trying to make his way back to Leeds when he was spotted by police officers and he was not thinking straight when he subsequently drove off.

“He recognises how deplorable his driving was and recognises what risk he caused,” conceded Mr Welford.