Daughter smashed Dad’s door

A WOMAN has pleaded guilty to smashing her neighbour’s window.

Unfortunately for Clare Siddal, 28, from Ovenden, the neighbour in question was her own father.

Calderdale Magistrates Court heard how there had been problems between Siddal and her father after she moved in next door with her boyfriend on Denfield Crescent.

Siddal held a New Year’s Eve party last year and had texted her dad asking if they could make up.

However, he did not respond and Siddal went to bed only to be woken by the sound of smashing glass.

She assumed it was her father smashing her windows and went round to his house to take action.

Her father heard the front window smash and opened the curtains to see Siddal staring back at him.

She demanded to be let in the house but he refused so she smashed more glass in the window frame.

Next she moved on to the front door and smashed panes in the lower half of the door.

Siddal was arrested but agreed to pay her father’s landlord £250 to cover the damage.

However this money was never paid and the case was brought before the magistrates court.

Siddal was given a six month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £250 after pleading guilty to a charge of damaging property.