Defendant flees courtroom by jumping over desks and barging through fire door

Court staff were left stunned with the agility of a defendant - after he jumped over two tables and fled through a fire door.

Two court officers were left trailing in his wake.

Luke Green, 21, of The Newlands, Sowerby Bridge, had denied two charges of assault by beating when he appeared before Calderdale magistrates.

His case was adjourned until March 19 and he was about to be released on bail when he fled.

As he stood before magistrates he had noticed two officers had entered court and were waiting behind him with the likelihood of them detaining him for other matters.

Green was seen to turn round and say “Are you here for me?” and an officer acknowledged for him to turn around and face the magistrates.

Minutes later Green, whose eyes had been scanning the courtroom, took everybody by surprise.

His chair was casually eased back and he leapt over the desk in front of him using his hands for leverage.

He was then in an area enclosed by desks on four sides and he took a couple of strides and jumped cleanly over a desk stacked high with papers and a water jug between the prosecutor and magistrates.

Two more strides and he barged open the fire door and he was gone.

The officers shouted and followed in pursuit - taking the longer route around desks as court officials watched in amazement.

The bench immediately got up and retired temporarily and made no comment on their return.

A police spokesman said said it was a matter for the court service.

“It will serve the warrant for him to be arrested,” he said.