‘Despicable’ woman jailed for stealing cash from elderly Halifax victims

Jailed: Lauramay Brooks
Jailed: Lauramay Brooks

A 31-year-old woman who targeted elderly victims from Halifax has been jailed for nearly four years.

Lauramay Brooks was given a three-month suspended prison sentence for stealing cash from an 80-year-old Halifax woman last December, but just four months later she targeted an elderly persons complex in the Lee Mount area of Halifax and again stole money from a pensioner.

Prosecutor Dave Mackay told Bradford Crown Court today (Friday) that Brooks had tried to get into the flat of at least one other elderly resident before her latest victim, an 82-year-old man, was tricked into letting her into his home.

Once inside Brooks asked to borrow a lighter to use on her gas cooker and during the charade she claimed her name was Annabelle and she had just moved in nearby.

During her stay in the flat Brooks drank a cup of coffee and even hugged her victim before making her excuses to leave.

When the pensioner realised his wallet had been moved he discovered that cash estimated at about £100 had been stolen.

Brooks, of Lister Avenue, East Bowling, Bradford, was arrested in connection with the intention and today she was jailed for 43 months after she admitted the burglary charge on the day of her trial last month.

Judge Jonathan Rose, who described her crimes as “despicable”, also added the extra three months in jail from the previous suspended sentence.

The judge told Brooks, who had problems with drugs and alcohol, that she had been fortunate not to be jailed for the previous offence and the circumstances of the latest crime meant she had to serve a very substantial sentence of imprisonment.

The court heard that her latest victim now felt on edge in his own home and the incident preyed on his mind.

“Despicable is the only word to describe not only what you have done, but the consequences of what you have done,” the judge told Brooks.

The judge made an order that £60 seized from Brooks should be repaid to her victim as compensation.