Detective from Halifax back working in Calderdale

Detective Inspector Craig Lord.
Detective Inspector Craig Lord.

A detective who was born and brought up in Halifax has returned to the town to join the division’s safeguarding team.

Detective Inspector Craig Lord is heading the investigative side of the team’s work to protect vulunerable adults and children in Calderdale.

The officer, who was brought up in King Cross and Savile Park in Halifax and went to Crossley and Porter School, joined the force in 1986, starting as a PC in Halifax.

He went to work in Huddersfield after two years before returning to Calderdale as a detective in 1997.

During his time with Calderdale CID, he worked on several high profile cases including the killing of Valeriano Gonzales-Munana, known as Spanish Barry, in Ovenden in Halifax.

The 62-year-old was stripped, hit with a hammer, stabbed, covered in boiling water and bleach and had his ears sliced off in an horrific attack in 2003.

Detective Inspector Lord also investigated the killing of two-year-old Kelvin Cochrane, who died in Halifax in May 2003, after being “humiliated, tortured and beaten” to death.

He has been working in Bradford since 2005 but says he is pleased to be retuning to Calderdale. He lives in the district and will be recognised by some for the time he played football with PM Old Boys and snooker at clubs around Calderdale.

Calderdale District Safeguarding Unit includes specially-trained detectives determined to support victims and find and bring offenders to justice.

Detective Inspector Lord said he is looking for ward to working alongside his new colleagues, including Detective Inspector Derrick Oldham who will also be heading the team.

“Our aim is to keep people safe and bring people to jusitice,” he said.