Disabled woman of 58 gets jail for helping drug gang

Linda Cockerham, 58, sentenced to 3 years for conspiracy to supply drugs.
Linda Cockerham, 58, sentenced to 3 years for conspiracy to supply drugs.

A 58-year-old woman has been jailed for her part in a professional drugs conspiracy.

Last week six men, including three from the Halifax area, were given jail terms after a police surveillance operation targeted the trans-Pennine drugs gang.

Now Linda Cockerham, of Clare Street, Halifax, has been sentenced to three years in jail after a jury convicted her of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs.

Former addict Cockerham, who suffers from a disability, was told by Judge Jonathan Rose that she had acted as more than a mere custodian of drugs and had been involved in ‘’cutting and bagging’’ them.

Judge Rose said he accepted that with her disability the prison sentence would be greater for her to bear.

But she had been involved in peddling the very filth that had caused her own long-standing addiction.

‘’You in my view willingly joined this conspiracy and assisted your co-conspirators to create the profit margin for their drugs,’’ the judge told Cockerham.

The judge said she could not receive any credit for a guilty plea, but he had taken account of her efforts to beat her own addiction and the fact that the prison term would be harder for her due to her disability.

Last week six men, including Mohammed Hussain, 49, of Church Walk, Northowram, 58-year-old Neil Foster, of Athol Green, Ovenden and Paul Huggon, 38, of St John’s Lane were jailed as a result of Operation Figaro.

Hussain was sentenced to 10 years in jail and Foster was locked up for five.

Huggon was originally jailed for three years, but Judge Rose reviewed his sentence and reduced it to two years.