Do you recognise dead man pulled from river in Huddersfield?

Artist's impression of man found dead in River Colne in Huddersfield
Artist's impression of man found dead in River Colne in Huddersfield

Police have released this artist’s impression of a dead man pulled from the River Colne in Huddersfield.

Officers have so far been unable to identify the man, who was discovered in the river last Tuesday, and are appealing for anyone who might have known him to get in touch.

It is thought that he is either Lithuanian or has links to that country.

A post mortem carried out on the body proved to be inconclusive.

Detective Chief Inspector Scott Wood of the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: “We have carried out various tests but so far have been unable to identify this man.

“Someone out there is missing a son or a husband or a close friend. It is important that we trace who this man is - and we need the public’s help to be able to do that.

“I am appealing to anyone out there who might be able to help - you might just be a householder who hasn’t seen their neighbour for sometime and has started to become suspicious. If that person is you then please get in touch.”

The man is described as white, European and possibly aged between 30 and 40.

He was 5ft 10ins tall, slim and had short cropped light brown hair. He had a ginger moustache and close cropped beard.

The man was wearing an orange coloured rubber sports type bracelet that had Lithuanian writing on it which when translated reads: “Sport - yes, drugs - No.”

Anyone who thinks they know this man is asked to contact police on 101.

If your first language is not English then there are facilities to be able to help you.