Doorman steals wallet from unconscious clubber

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

A doorman has been fined a total of £1,200 after he stole the wallet of a man who was being attacked outside a Halifax nightclub.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Kasim Aziz saw the drunken complainant being attacked by another man after he had been ejected from the Acapulco nightclub in January last year.

Instead of helping the man, who was unconscious on the ground at one stage, Aziz picked up the wallet which had fallen out of his pocket and over the next 24 hours he used the victim’s bank cards to purchase more than £300 worth of property over the internet.

Prosecutor Nigel Hamilton said when Aziz was arrested police found three baseball caps he had bought at his home.

The court heard that Aziz, 21, had no previous convictions, but last month he admitted the theft charge as well as five allegations of fraud relating to purchases over the internet.

Judge Robert Bartfield said it was an aggravating feature of the case that Aziz, of Mayfield Avenue, Halifax, had abused his position by stealing from someone he had a duty to look after.

The judge was told Aziz was a security industry accredited doorman and his future employment was in jeopardy as a result of his conviction for dishonesty.

Judge Bartfield said instead of helping or assisting the victim of the attack Aziz had further damaged him by taking his property.

“I think the most severe punishment that can be imposed is a financial one because that is what you value and what you are going to discover is that this theft and fraud has been a very expensive mistake for you,” he told Aziz.

Aziz was fined £200 for the theft offence and each of the fraud charges and also ordered to pay a further £500 costs.

The judge warned Aziz that if he didn’t pay the fines he faced a possible prison sentence of 45 days.