Drug addict tried to snatch money from mum at Halifax supermarket cash point

A desperate drug addict fled empty-handed after trying to snatch a woman’s money as she used a cash machine at a Halifax supermarket.

Bradford Crown Court heard the woman had gone to Asda in Thrum Hall with her one-year daughter where heroin and cocaine addict Wayne Martin was hanging about near the cash machine.

Prosecutor Bashir Ahmed said the woman had withdrawn £300 when the 27-year-old grabbed her arm and they fell to the ground.

Mr Ahmed said although the victim shouted for assistance, no one came to her aid.

As Martin tried to grab the cash the complainant bit his hand and he eventually ran off as she continued to scream.

The court heard that the 30-second incident in May had left the victim feeling frightened and upset and her baby daughter had also been distressed.

In a victim impact statement the mum said she felt really angry that Martin had attacked her in front of her baby girl in broad daylight.

Martin, who had been living at an address in Hanson Lane, Pellon, Halifax, admitted a charge of attempted robbery.

He told police he committed the offence to get money to feed his £30 to £40-a-day drug habit.

At the time of the attempted robbery Martin was already subject to a community order and he was also on bail for an assault on his then girlfriend.

Judge David Hatton QC jailed Martin for 16 months for the attempted robbery with a further four months for the “unpleasant and sustained” assault on his girlfriend. The judge also revoked his previous community order and added a further one-month in prison.