Drugged-up driver crahses car and ‘stages’ burglary at his own home

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

A drugged-up driver who crashed into a parked car and then "staged" a burglary at his home in a bid to avoid detection has been jailed.

Banned driver Connor Scorr, who has never passed a test, had travelled in the early hours from his home in Halifax to Bradford to buy cocaine and he was then involved with two other men in stealing £1200 worth of tools from a workman's van.

When he was later spotted in the Seat Leon by police officers 23-year-old Scorr tried to get away by "flooring" the vehicle, but he crashed into a parked Citroen in Shay Lane causing more than £2000 worth of damage.

Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday that Scorr, previously of Denfield Gardens, Halifax, and the other occupants in the Seat fled the scene leaving the tools behind.

But Scorr later persuaded his partner to make a false burglary report to the police alleging that the Seat had been stolen and Judge Neil Davey QC said the defendant had smashed a window and opened drawers to try and make it look as if intruders had ransacked the property.

The judge said the false report had sent the police on a wild goose chase which resulted in their limited resources being taken away from real victims of crime.

About a month after the offending in February Scorr admitted in a police interview what he had done, but he failed to turn up for a subsequent court hearing and breached his bail by going to Northern Ireland.

Scorr, now of no fixed abode, was at large for about three months until he was re-arrested.

He admitted offences of attempting to pervert the course of justice, driving while disqualified and theft and was sentenced to a total of 10 months in jail.

Judge Davey also imposed a new driving ban which will last for the next 17 months.