Drugs trio snared by undercover cop

A TRIO who supplied heroin to an undercover police officer are starting prison sentences today.

Bilal Mushtaq, 25, Nadeem Adalat, 19, and Kimberley Dean, 40, were all snared by Operation Irondale, a Calderdale-wide crackdown on drug dealing.

A court heard that a test purchase officer calling himself Rob went to Dean’s home in Gibraltar Road, Halifax, on September 28 last year to see her son.

When she answered the door they got talking about drugs and “Rob” asked if her dealer would sell him some heroin.

Prosecutor Dave Mackay told Bradford Crown Court: “She said he wouldn’t, but she could get some for Rob and all he needed to do was knock on her door.”

Dean used his phone to order a wrap of the Class A drug for herself and he gave her £10 to pay for it.

He returned to her home on October 28 and she told him a different dealer now had “the best gear”.

Again, she used his phone to order the drugs and this time it was Mushtaq who sold it to her.

He was the passenger in a Vauxhall Vectra being driven by Adalat.

Rob bought another wrap in the same way on November 1. Afterwards, he called the number Dean had put in his phone to buy the drugs directly from Mushtaq.

The court heard he sold Class A drugs to Rob 26 times in four between last October and February this year. Adalat was the driver on 14 occasions.

Mushtaq mainly sold him heroin but also supplied cocaine, crack cocaine and “bash” - a cutting agent containing powdered paracetamol.

Rob also continued to visit Dean until February 22. She was back to using her original dealer and supplied Rob with heroin a further seven times.

Mr Mackay told the court that on one occasion she had 11 grams of the drug and sold a large wrap to Rob for £110.

“She said she got the smack, as she called it, for Paddy, her son’s father, and was to take it on a visit - the suggestion being she was going to take it to prison,” he said.

Dean’s home was raided after her arrest on March 28 and six cannabis plants and growing paraphernalia were found.

Dean admitted 10 counts of supplying Class A drugs and one of producing cannabis.

She said she had sympathised with Rob, believing him to be a fellow addict, and had not made much cash from her crimes.

Mushtaq admitted 26 counts of supplying Class A drugs and one of possessing Class B drugs. Cannabis worth around £1,100 had been found at his home.

Simon Hustler, mitigating, said he he had once been a promising student but became a drugs runner after his life spiralled into addiction and debt.

Adalat admitted 14 counts of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

John Topham, mitigating, told the court he had become a driver after he was made redundant and began struggling to pay his mortgage.

Judge John Potter sentenced Mushtaq to 32 months in prison, and Dean and Adalat were each jailed for two years. Adalat was also banned from driving for five years.