Duncan Smithies Assault Sentence

A HALIFAX man who threatened his partner with a brick while she was pregnant has been handed a 20-week sentence.

Duncan Smithies, 30, pleaded guilty to two counts of common assault.

Bradford Crown Court heard how on two separate occasions Smithies assaulted his partner Pippa Wright.

The first offence occurred on April 3 this year when the pair were out drinking and started arguing.

Miss Wright moved seats to avoid confrontation but the argument continued until she got up to leave.

At that point Smithies leaned over and punched her in the face.

The punch sent Miss Wright stumbling on to a sofa and she suffered swelling to her nose.

Smithies was arrested and questioned but released on bail and told to stay away from Miss Wright.

However on May 21 the pair went out for the day with Smithies’ daughter from another relationship.

Miss Wright was 10 weeks pregnant with Smithies’ daughter at the time and the pair began arguing on the way back home.

She tried to get away from him and headed to Halifax bus station but Smithies followed and told her that if she got in the car nothing would happen.

She refused but Smithies forced her into the car. Miss Wright later managed to get out of the vehicle but was chased by Smithies who stamped on her leg before sitting next to her and threatening her with a brick.

The court heard how later that day the pair returned to Smithies’ home where he threw a glass coaster at Miss Wright. It missed her and smashed on the wall.

Recorder Peter Babb said: “This was a disgraceful series of incidents where you pursued her all over the place while she tried to get away.

“You forced her into your car, punched her and stamped on her leg, picked up a brick and threatened her and threw a glass coaster.

“The combination of the offences you have admitted leads to a situation that is so serious only custody can be contemplated.”

Smithies was sentenced to a total of 20 weeks in prison.