Elland man jailed after assaults

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An Elland man is starting a 15-month prison sentence after he carried out a series of assaults while already subject to a suspended jail term.

Samuel Stanley, of Duke Street, was given a suspended prison sentence by a judge at Bradford Crown Court last April for offences of affray and wounding arising out of a fight in a pub, but last month he attacked a bar manager and a public-spirited man who tried to intervene.

Jailing Stanley today, Judge Peter Benson said the 31-year-old had previously been barred from the Wellington pub in Elland, but despite that he turned up outside the premises on December 5.

The judge said Stanley, who had been drinking, lost his temper when he was spoken to by bar manager Paul Clement and punched him in the face.

The court heard that Stanley continued his attack as Mr Clement tried to retreat back into the pub and Judge Benson said it must have been a very unpleasant experience for the victim.

The judge said when local man Gary Broadley tried to intervene to stop Stanley’s “gratuitous violence” he was headbutted in the face by the defendant.

“These were in themselves serious matters but your position is worsened by the fact that three weeks later in the early hours of Christmas Day you fell out with your partner Claire Carrington,” said Judge Benson.

During that incident Stanley punched his partner’s mother Kathryn in the face and swung a broom at the two women.

Stanley admitted four charges of common assault and Judge Benson jailed him for six months on those matters after telling the defendant that custody was inevitable.

But the judge also activated nine months from the suspended prison sentence and told Stanley he would receive a total jail term of 15 months.