Elland supermarket employee accused of raping drunken woman

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

A Morrisons supermarket worker has gone on trial accused of raping a drunken 20-year-old woman.

Adam Brown, who was employed at the Elland branch of the Bradford-based supermarket chain at the time of the alleged attack, is accused of raping the woman last year.

A jury at Bradford Crown Court heard today (Monday) that the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had shared three bottles of wine with a female friend and had also drunk two shots of Applesourz before being sick.

Prosecutor Nicholas Askins told the jury that Brown, who has also worked at Morrisons stores in Bradford and Leeds, had taken the woman back to the female friend’s home and made up a makeshift bed for her on the floor.

Brown stayed in the room with the complainant and at one stage lay next to her with his arms around her.

Mr Askins alleged that Brown started kissing the woman, but she simply wanted to go to sleep.

He said Brown pulled down part of the woman’s bra and later removed her knickers and the next thing she recalled was feeling pain.

Mr Askins said the complainant wasn’t sure what was going on but suddenly realised that the defendant was naked and trying to have sex with her.

He said the woman was shocked and pushed Brown away saying:”No, no, ...oh my God.”

The next morning the complainant still felt sick and allowed Brown to take her home.

Brown, 23, of Buttershaw Road, Bradford, was said to have sent text messages to the complainant in which he said he “felt bad” about the previous evening and he had been wrong.

In one text he said he had taken things “too far” and he was sorry.

Brown, who has denied the rape charge, told police officers that he thought the woman had been consenting.

The trial continues.