Family flees home after violent attacks

Simon Duffy outside his home in Savile Park, Halifax.
Simon Duffy outside his home in Savile Park, Halifax.

A family have fled their home after a series of vicious and violent attacks.

A family have fled their home after a series of vicious and violent attacks.

Simon and Stacy Duffy were sat in their car at traffic lights when four masked men armed with baseball bats attacked their Mercedes 4x4.

The £11,000 motor was written-off last Saturday night at Arden Road, Halifax.

On July 20 the couple’s BMW Z3 suffered £400 damage after being attacked outside their rented home at Wood End Close, Savile Park, Halifax. Then, shortly after midnight on Tuesday this week, their house windows were put through and their Suzuki Swift, worth £4,000 was written off.

The attacks have rocked the couple and their two sons aged three and 16.

Mr Duffy, 47, recalled the horror of the baseball attack.

He was about to return to work on his first Saturday shift in five weeks as a doorman at the Acapulco, Halifax, and intended dropping Mrs Duffy, 34, off first.

It was after 9pm when they stopped at the lights and a car pulled up beside them before reversing back.

“I first thought they were in the wrong lane and next thing a baseball bat is through the window and it was a frenzied attack,” said Mr Duffy.

He fled through red lights to escape and the couple both suffered from cuts after glass shattered. Stacy said it was terrifying. “I was thinking they are not going to stop until they kill us,” she said.

Shortly after going to bed on Monday night they heard a commotion and seconds later the attackers had fled.

Neighbours saw them using metal bars to smash the windows and fleeing on foot down a nearby passage.

The younger child’s toys were ruined after shattered glass broke into a playroom.

“Where does this stop? What would they have done if they had got into the house?” said Mr Duffy. “I can’t leave my wife and kids because they are traumatised.”

The couple said the masks didn’t cover full faces and the attackers were Asian.

Mr Duffy said he was at a loss why the family had been targeted and doesn’t think it is work-related. He works as a nightclub doorman and his day job is as a security guard at Halifax JobCentre.

“I have been at the Acapulco 18 years had never had anything like this and I don’t think it has anything to to with the club.”

The couple said they have friends from different ethnic backgrounds and wouldn’t have been victims of a racist attack, and are pinning their hopes on the police catching those responsible quickly.

Police said they don’t believe the public are at risk. Inquiries are ongoing and anyone with information should call Crimestoppers or 101.